Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kalev:David Beckham is football player.
Joosep: Bruce Willis Is an actor.
Sandra: Kristina Šmigun is Estonia cross-country skier.
Johanna:Maarja-Liis Ilus is an actor.
Romet:Allen Iverson is a basketball player.
Helena L: Mackenzir Roman is an actor.
Helena I: Rihanna is good singer.
Rasmus K: Carl Lewis is a sprinter.
Silver: Paul Keres is Chess champion.
Markus K: Lebron James is basketball player.
Marilyn: Angelina Jolie is an actor.

Exercise 1 p 76

Jaan Rannap is a writer. He has written children´s books.

Erki Nool is an athlete. He has taken part in the Olympic Games.

Ellen Niit is a writer. She has written poems for children and for grown-ups.

Veljo Tormis is a composer. He has written choir music.

Tõnu Kark is an actor. He has acted in many films.

Maarja Liis Ilus is a singer. She has sung in the Eurovision song contest.

Navitrolla is an artist. He has painted a lot of pictures.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My holiday! :)

In my holiday I went to Kuressaare. My granny lives there and my relatives live there too. There was very funny. I went to the playground with my realative and with my friend. Sometimes I watched TV. I went to the cinema once. I watched
"Jumper". This film was boring. I went a shopping with my ex classsmate Josefina.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


1. ehitama- build-built-built

2. ütlema- say- said-said

3. magama- sleep- slept-slept

4. lugema-read-read-read

5. sööma-eat-ate-eaten

1. In last year I built one house.